SEO for Photographers

SEO for Photographers


I’m not an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) professional. I’m a professional wedding photographer in Dublin, Ireland. My interest in SEO for Photographers started a few months ago when I Googled Wedding Photographer Kildare and said  “Wherethefu*kamI”. I was gone!

So I Googled Wedding Photographers Kildare, Wedding Photographers Dublin, Wedding Photographer Dublin, and so on. I checked through to page 5 and page 6 – always with the same results. I was well and truly gone.

The Google Jigsaw
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SEO for photographers is slightly different than for most other businesses. A picture may well be worth a thousand words but not as far as Google is concerned.

The Google machine cannot “see” your photo. All Google can see is the Title, the ALT tag, the Size, the Description, the Caption and any other text you decide to include on the page. You get no marks for your creative brilliance! Not even a minus 10.

The reality is many (wedding) photographers (myself included) fill the page with a single image, thinking things like:- Mmmnnn that looks good, great composition, nicely balanced saturation just the right amount of vibrancy. I’ll repeat – you get no marks from Google for your creative brilliance!


Wedding Photographer, Ballyslabadashery

 I used to think that websites were listed on Google in some sort of pecking order. The “best” sites being top of the pack. Although Google is constantly working to deliver relevant content this does not necessarily mean that what it delivers is always “the best”. Like the best Wedding Photographer or the best Landscape Photographer.

In the world of SEO, Google delivers exactly what you ask of it, if you ask for a Wedding Photographer in Dublin that’s what you get. A long list of Dublin Photographers. If you Google something more precise, like Wedding Photographer, Main Street, Ballyslabadashery, Ireland, that’s exactly what you get. (Try it!)

Screen capture of Google Listing for Wedding Photographer Kildare

Making it to the Top.


The Google Jigsaw

Find the missing pieces in the the Google Jigsaw

The Google Jigsaw

The process of selection by Google could be thought of as a 200 piece jigsaw. Each piece in the jigsaw is rated from minus 10 to plus 10. The highest possible score being 2000, the lowest score minus 2000.

So you have ten wedding photographers on page one of Google ranked by score from 1 to 10, or even a minus 10 to a plus 10.

The number one position has a score of 2000, number two position scores 1800 and so on down the page.

Obviously no single piece in the jigsaw will take you to the number one position. It’s also possible to hold a top Google position with pieces of the jigsaw missing. This is possible where the competing sites have a low overall score. It’s even possible to rate high on Google with a minus score (possible but unlikely – dream on!)

Have a look at over 200 Google ranking factors on Brian Deans Backlinko site.


Keyword Stuffing is for Turkeys!

The days of Keyword Stuffing and Link Farms are almost* behind us. As Google crafts, hones and polishes the smartest artificial intelligence machine known to man AKA “Google”, it will finally be possible for everyone on planet earth to find exactly what they’re looking for – just remember you’re the one (as website owner) providing the content, Google – just serves it up!  Meanwhile ask not how to get to number one on Google but what you can give when you arrive there…


As this is an ongoing project check back to see how I do. Comments & Advice are welcome!

To Be Continued..

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*I say almost – just noticed a number two locally ranked listing stuffed to the ALT’s…

NOTE: No Pandas, Penguins or Hummingbirds or Turkeys were harmed while writing this article!

NOTE:- I have NOT mispelt Optimisation – in Ireland Optimization is with an s and not a z!