Photographer Van Gough

Photographer Van Gough

Sunflowers  - Photographer Shay Curran

Sunflowers - Photographer Shay Curran

What if Van Gough had been a photographer living in Kildare? For some strange reason I’ve been asking myself this question on and off over the past week. Ever since I whacked my thumb with the Nikon D3.

Not just this question but others too- what if Van Gough was Irish – an Irish photographer/artist. Living in the current climate in Kildare Ireland. The current climate meaning with so much technology available to one and all. So much technology meaning things like Nikons D3’, Photoshop etc.

I suppose everything is relative. Photography was an emerging technology during the lifetime of Van Gough. But he chose the brush not the camera. In the 1800’s people considered themselves at the cutting edge of technology.  Now over 100 years later we’re still at the cutting edge. Different faces – same edge.

So off I went Googling Van Gough Sunflowers. Looking out at a garden full of yellow dandelions somehow reminded me of sunflowers. And Van Gough…

To follow through on the “what if” – if Van was Irish, sunflowers would be thin on the ground. Very thin. Dandelions would be more available, especially in spring.

So I grabbed a bunch of dandelions popped them in a yellow vase and created a work of photography called Sunflowers! Yeah a bit crazy I know but that’s art.

I suppose to be a true artist you have to suffer.

Carrying a Nikon D3 is far more painful than carrying a couple tubes of paint but it’s not art. So I smacked my left thumb with the D3 – hard. A week later and my thumb still throbs like a work of art created in a moment of madness.

I love the yellow fields. I love the D3. I love the yellow splash of dandelions. Must Google dandelions and see if they are hallucinogenic….

Now when I look at the photograph it looks more Vermeer than Van Gough.

Could have been worse – could have been my left ear.

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