Photograph from St Patricks Day Parade Newbridge Kildare

Newbridge Athy Photos Paddys Day 2011

Newbridge Kildare St Patrick’s Day Photos 2011

Photograph from St Patricks Day Parade Newbridge Kildare

Newbridge Kildare Parade 2011

St Patrick’s Day never happened – not for me – not as I expected it to.

But that’s life I suppose…

My plan was simple – spend the afternoon photographing the Athy Paddy’s Day parade. A day off from photographing weddings.

But instead I headed for Newbridge in Kildare. I had about 40 minutes to spare before heading on to Dublin for an unexpected photo assignment. (That’s a different story)

The parade started on time, almost to the second at 12.30 headed by the main man, St Patrick and followed closely by the army lads in big tanks, followed by a kaleidoscope of colourful characters.

Main street Newbridge was transformed into a heaving colourful morass, reeking of diesel fuel and horse dung, pulsating to an undercurrent of big bands, public address systems, fire engine klaxons screaming like banshees and the hum of thousands of people who lined the street.

OK so that’s the good bit… On the down side I can honestly say I prefer the Athy parade. Athy Paddy’s day parade is more intimate, more colourful, more vibrant.

There was something almost sterile about the Newbridge parade. A few fire breathing dragons would no go amiss… I know it’s a big event for the children who take part and have spent weeks rehearsing dance routines etc but just how many dance companies are there in Newbridge??? And football teams?

Hanging a bunch of balloons out of your car/van does not make it a “float”.

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