Honeymoon Ideas

Honeymoon Ideas

Often the biggest decision a couple will make surrounding their wedding plans is “Where will we go on our honeymoon?”

Capri - Honeymoon Destination

Capri - Honeymoon Destination

I’m not going to reveal some secret location here that will guarantee a happy honeymoon, just throwing around some ideas.

As I write this Gerry Ryan is on RTE 2 talking about the Citywest Titanic Artifact Exhibition which is in Dublin until June 2010.   I’m sure some passengers on board the Titanic were on honeymoon. Not a good start to a marriage!

The link here is that my wife and I went on a honeymoon cruise on the renowned Costa Magica.

It went like this… Flew into Barcelona and spent a few nights rambling around before sailing away around the Mediterranean and stopping in places like Savona, Naples, Palermo, Tunis, Palma and Marseilles. The photo of Capri sunset was taken from the deck of the ship as we cruised by the island. Double click on photo to see bigger version…

 Neither my wife, or myself had been on a cruise before so it was kinda risky from that point of view. One of our biggest concerns before travelling was what sort of age group is catered for. If you have children bring them along, there is something for everyone.

There were some negatives which I’ll talk about in the near future….

One word of advice is don’t book direct, hundreds can be saved by booking through an agency! Shop around!

Why not share your Honeymoon Ideas here? Feel free to comment.

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