Wedding Photographers FAQ’s

If you have a question related to wedding photography feel free to ask, just pop me an email using the contact page.

Q. What will you wear to my wedding?

A. I’ve been asked this quite a few times… I’ll be wearing a suit, shirt and tie. The shirt will be freshly laundered and ironed (by myself!:-). I blend in. So even if you’re having a beach wedding in Hawaii I’ll be invisible…

Q. I have some old photos in B&W can you colour them?

A. Yes we do photo restoration, when restoring old photos  a lot depends on the quality of the original and your expectations. It’s a challenge I really enjoy, so give me a call or email a sample photo.

Q. We’re getting married in July of this year – is it too late to book you?

A. Depends on the date, July is a month that can be heavily booked. Usually I advise couples to book as soon as they can otherwise the choice can be limited – limited meaning very expensive or dirt cheap.

Q. We live in Dublin but are getting married in Kilkenny, can we book you as our wedding photographer?

A. Unless I’m already booked, yes! Send me your details via the contact page. If you’re asking will I travel from Dublin to Kilkenny the answer is also yes. As a wedding photographer I do weddings all over Ireland mostly in Dublin, Kildare, Carlow, Kilkenny, Wicklow, Offaly etc etc but do almost 26 county wedding coverage. Use the contact page to check  my availability.

Q. The hotel we booked is giving us a free limo and recommending a photographer – should we use him.

A. Shopping around for your wedding photographer might give you more options.  Take the “free” limo but ask to see it first.

Q. What kinda camera do you use?

A. All my equipment is professional grade, Nikon cameras/lenses. ‘Good’ cameras don’t take good photographs, just as ‘good’ golf clubs don’t win golf tournaments!

Q. What’s the difference between a Traditional photographer & a Photojournalist.

A. One tells you what to do, the other photographs what you do. Usually I do a mix of both, sometimes suggesting poses, sometimes capturing the raw emotion of your day totally unnoticed.

Q What is Copyright

A. Most people understand song copyright. The person who writes (creates) the song owns the copyright, unless they sell it. Likewise the person who creates a photograph owns the copyright, again unless they decide to sell it. The person in the photograph is not the owner of the copyright no more that a person sung about in a song owns any part of it unless they choose to buy a copy of it. And they have no rights over their copy, unless they decide to make copies and sell them in some weekend market…

If a photographer allows you printing rights they are not the same  rights as copyright. If you have any other copyright questions let me know or check out The Copyright Association of Ireland.

Q We’re only having 30 guests, mostly family at our wedding. Do we get a discount.

A. All my wedding packages are designed to suit your budget. The reality is whether you have 30 or 300 guests what I do changes little. I give each wedding the same level of care and attention regardless of numbers. And the album you choose is what will decide the final figure. I put the same amount of time and creative energy into your album design regardless of numbers. Some people imagine that photographers only work one or two days a week – but on average I spend between 10 and 20 hours “behind the scenes” work on each wedding I photograph. When I say I’m a full time professional, I mean a full time professional! I also do a Disc Only option which is good value for any size wedding.

Q Can we Upgrade to a different album after we book?

A. Yes. Upgrading is rarely a problem. But I like to know before your wedding in case I need to take any album specific images. As with everything, just ask.

Q Do you hold dates

A. Yes, your booking deposit secures your date. A date booked without a deposit is not a valid booking.

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