Cuchullain Sculpture Newbridge

Cuchullain Sculpture Newbridge

Cuchullain Sculpture Newbridge

Rising from the rust brown earth of the Curragh an amazing sight met my eyes this evening as I slipped off the M9 Newbridge exit 12, homeward bound after an all day wedding photo shoot in Dublin.

Was it a trick of the light I wondered. Had Cuchullain and his faithful hounds arisen from the rich brown soil to tell me something. To tell us all something… Something about the future. The future of our lives, our country, our world?

I grabbed my camera and started shooting, stalking Cuc and his hounds like a warrior.

Click click clicking.

Yes I had stopped and parked the car first!!!

Words like inspirational, majestic, flashed in my mind like some hi-speed strobe.

This sculpture is a masterpiece – a flash of inspiration created by Lynn Kirkham @ Greenmantel Studios in Tipperary. Paid for by all who use pay parking in Newbridge. (Always thought it was a bit expensive) But lets ignore that for now.

Focus on the earthy beauty of Lynn’s Cuchullain. And what a photograph it makes. I’ve just printed myself a large photo canvas to hang on my wall. And soak up the inspiration as I work.

And I’m glad I captured the image before Kildare County Council re-cover the roundabout in grass or gravel. Or coloured chips.

Double Click the image to see a larger version. Or better still, take a drive out that way soon. And be inspired.