Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision. Ten or twenty years down the road you may not remember who created your wedding album, but it will exist.
Unlike the cake. Or the limo. Or the flowers. A wedding album can now last many lifetimes.
Your children will see it,. and hopefully their children too…
I see my role as a wedding photographer in a very ‘big picture’ way.
I’m really capturing moments in time… Moments that can never be repeated. Moments that can be revisited by opening a wedding album created by Shay Curran Photography.
Everyone has a purpose in life, mine is capturing the magic moments.
Wherever your big day takes place, Kildare or Dublin, Meath, Naas or Newbridge, Kilkenny or Carlow, help me make your dream come true.

Before digital photography, I focused mostly on black & white film, processing & printing my own work. Some film photographers I know still shun the digital age. I think each has something to offer just as some artists only work in oils and others watercolours. It’s the final image that counts – not the process.

The bottom line is, what am I trying to achieve? For me it may be just a simple record captured as accurately as possible with nothing added – or especially since the digital dawn, a way of combining two or more images to create something new, something truly creative, something that only existed in my imagination.
Photography is not just a way of seeing but also a way of allowing others to share that vision.

A polite reminder that all material is copyrighted but if you’d like to use any image just let me know. Otherwise enjoy and feel free to comment or contact me.