Bottle Cap Tripod

Ever tried taking a photo of yourself? And I don’t mean a selfie.

We all have and sometimes it’s easy – just stretch out your arm point your camera in the right direction and that’s it. Well it’s not always so easy. Half your head is probably missing. Or you get a great shot of what’s behind you, if you’re lucky.

I’ve used steps, walls, gate posts, beer bottles, restaurant tables etc to prop up my camera when on holiday. It’s such a hassle carrying a tripod at times.

And then I discovered the Bottle Cap Tripod! It fits most screw cap bottles and fits easily in your pocket or handbag.

I know sometimes it’s easier to ask another tourist, but that’s not always an option.

Every honeymoon couple should pack a bottle top tripod!

Get your husband to stand with some nice scenery in the background. Check the viewfinder to make sure there’s room for you on one side, set the self-timer, run and SMILE…. It’s possible to get some great beach shots using the Bottle Cap Tripod. Have a Google around to buy one or check out you local camera shop.