Blessington Sunrise

Blessington Sunrise -Photographers Coffee

Blessington Sunrise

Blessington Sunrise

As a wedding photographer I still find something inspirational in sunrises. I suppose it’s a combination of things – a new dawn – a new beginning – the very act of crawling out of bed in total darkness and driving to a chosen location in the middle of the night seems to fine tune the senses. After which almost any glimmer of light in the sky looks good…!

The Blessington Lakes proved to be a photographers paradise that morning as the sun screamed into the sky. The contrast of the naked silhouette of the tree against the blood red sky connected with my inner being – for just a moment I was the sunrise, the tree, the lake, the lens, the camera, the photograph.

I’ll have to check what brand of coffee I’m drinking today – and get more of it!

Double-click on thumbnail to see larger version of photo.A footnote about sunrise times, I suggest arriving before sunrise to be  prepared and to get a softer light –  dawn is usually about 40 minutes before sunrise. I use this site to check out sunrise times, most Irish towns and cities are mentioned and it’s easy enough to guesstimate in between places.

2013 Update… Since I wrote the above a few years ago I’ve come a cross one of the most useful tools a photographer can have – The Photographers Ephemeris! You can plan ahead from the comfort of your desktop (free) or download the app for your iPhone or Android for use in the field for a few Euro. What TPE does is take the guesswork/pain of knowing where and at what time the Sun (and Moon) will be at any given time – anywhere in the world!

Scenarios like calculating a full moon rising over a lake or particular hill as the sun rises, are made easy with The Photographers Ephemeris. Check it out at