Affordable Wedding Photographers Dublin

Affordable Wedding Photographer Dublin

A quick look around the Internet has prompted me to write this article. Some people still confuse the words cheap with affordable. As far as wedding photography at Shay Curran Photography is concerned we do affordable wedding photography.

Cheap on the other hand usually means – well, cheap! At Shay Curran Photography  we do affordable wedding photography packages from €695… Quality and cheapness do not go hand in hand. Everyone knows what a cheapskate is – according to Wikipedia a cheapskate is “A miser or cheapskate is a person who is reluctant to spend money”.

Then there’s dirt cheap. Almost everything about cheap is negative – cheap also means tasteless – talk is cheap, cheap can also be gaudy…   Affordable means within your price range – others in the same business (wedding photographers) might be a bit more expensive but then you usually get a little more. Others who give a little less might not seem as affordable. So glad I got that off my chest! Cheap is almost always affordable but affordable is not always cheap!

So if you’re looking for an affordable wedding photographer in Dublin, Kildare, Carlow or Kilkenny or almost anywhere in Ireland you’re in the right place.

The Civil Registration Office Dublin, Ireland - Affordable Weddings

The Civil Registration Office Dublin (CRO) above, is on Grand Canal Street Lower between Sir Patrick Dun’s Hospital and Albert Court East. Initial marriage registration enquiries should be made through Joyce House, Dublin on 01-8638200

Horse drawn carrige ouside Civil Registry Office Dublin

A Horse drawn carriage arrives for a wedding at the Civil Registry Office Dublin

Naas Registry Office

The Naas Registry office is similar externally to the Dublin registry Office.

The main thing to remember is that these are Government Offices – not 5 star hotels!

There is ample public parking outside the Naas Registry Office  although depending on time of day you could be in competition with other users of the car park as the Naas Office is located in the Monread Office & Leisure  Centre, Unit 5 Monread Avenue Naas Co Kildare.

Inside the Naas Office is bright and modern – not quiet as plush as the Dublin Registry Office (which is similar to a small well-lit cinema) but bright and functional.

Most wedding ceremonies usually take about 15 to 20 minutes so you have a few minutes to spare inside (for wedding photographs)  before the next wedding gets underway. Yes it’s that busy – wedding ceremonies are performed every half hour.

Both Offices – Dublin Registry Office & Naas Registry Office have extremely helpful staff who would not be out of place in any 5 star hotel!

Telephone number of the Naas Registry Office (Civil Registration Service)  is 045-887 660.

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Naas Registry Office Kildare - Affordable Weddings

Naas Registry Office Kildare




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